1 - | Bitcoin Mining |

Many people think of the first method to get their own Bitcoins is through mining. And many miners did earn a lot of bitcoins via mining at the early stage. But, forget it, it's just waste of time and money for most individuals nowadays, and it needs big budget to get started. The good time for mining has gone.

In 2009, every block mined (every 10 minutes on average) brought a reward of 50 BTC to the lucky one who managed to solve the computational problem. Right now and till 2016, every block brings 25 BTC. While the reward is still luring, there are some issues which stand in the way of earning some loot:
– The hashing difficulty has been grown significantly day after day. A single equipment does not have enough computational power.
– Mining has been becoming less and less profitable.
– In hope for some reward, people are forced to unite in pools or use cloud mining services.
– Even when the efforts are combined, there is still need to pay for the electricity, and the utility bills often exceed the mining reward.
All these factors make Bitcoin mining unprofitable these days.

2 - | Faucet - Free Bitcoin |

"Free"? It's not real free. It will always cost you something to get Bitcoins. It may not always be money, but something else needs to be spent. But still this is an ideal method for new bitcoin users to earn bitcoins. It is free and will cost you nothing except your time. There are hundreds of bitcoin faucet sites and other bitcoin gaming sites which are giving away free satoshis. You can always visit and play to get some free bitcoin on an hourly or daily basis, it all depends. But, do not expect you can earn huge money from these faucet or free bitcoin sites. And keep in mind that, do not join those faucet games that let you pay for upgrades in return for higher faucet rates and do not join those sites appear to have malwares or having a full page of annoying ADs that you can hardly find the Claim button.

3 - | PTC or PTR websites |

PTC stands for Pay-to-Click & PTR stands for Pay-to-Read. This is probably the easiest niche to get into, but it’s also the most time consuming. PTC or PTR projects usually take up a lot of time and pay a fairly small (almost irrelevant) amount of Bitcoins. Even if you have a lot of free time on your hands, this still won’t bring you too much income. Also, some of the websites that pay out micro earnings have built-in malware and viruses, so you need to stay safe and not click any links you do not trust.

4 - | BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns |

BitcoinTalk(the most wellknown bitcoin forum) started running signature campaigns in around mid-2014. What this means is that you use your BitcoinTalk’s signature to advertise a Bitcoin product and get paid for every post you make. The complete list of campaigns can be found here. And of course, this created a lot of junk and meaningless posts on BitcoinTalk, like people saying just “thank you” or “awesome post” and not adding any actual content.

You get paid according to your membership level on BitcoinTalk. Usually, anyone under a full member won’t get paid that much or paid at all. To becoming a full member, you’ll need at least 120 posts under your belt, and then you can start earning 0.0001BTC on average per post. There are also limitations on posts you can write such as “original posts with 60 or more characters”, “You can’t have negative trust or other advertisements”, etc.

5 - | Writing for blogs and news sites |

If you think you have enough knowledge to contribute about Bitcoin, you can always become a writer for a blog or a news site. Many sites need to fill up a daily quota of posts, and they are desperately looking for writers. The salary of a blog post writer will vary significantly based on his/her experience, control of the English language and expertise. If you’re a top-notch writer, you can even make up to $80 per 1000-word blog post. On average, Most writer get somewhere around $35 for a 1000 words blog post.

But writing a good blog post takes time. If you want to become a writer, the best way to find Bitcoin blogs that are looking for writers is through Coinality, which aggregates all of the Bitcoin jobs being posted online.

6 - | Play games to earn Bitcoins |

Aside from gambling, which is also considered a game, there are a variety of Bitcoin games that don’t require any investment, and allow you to earn Bitcoins while playing them. Think of them as a fun faucet, since you’ll probably be wasting your time and earning very little as well. ChopCoin, Coinbrawl and Bitcoin Aliens’ mobile app are just some examples of how you can make the task of earning small amounts of Bitcoin pleasurable.

7 - | Bitcoin Trading |

Today, there are many forms of Bitcoin trading available. If you are interested in getting started with trading, you need to make sure you have the required knowledge. And this is an Ideal method for senior bitcoin users who are willing to make some profit from their money though it is kinda risky. Bitcoin trading is just like stock trading, buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price; the price spread becomes your profit (it may also becomes your lost). BTC-e.com would be the most reputable and best platform to start your bitcoin trading.

8 - | Bitcoin lending |

If you own some Bitcoins and want to increase their value, you can always look into Bitcoin lending. The idea is pretty simple – you lend out a certain amount of your coins to people for crypto-related projects (usually) and get them back with an interest.

The good news is that you can get very high returns through lending. The bad news is that with high returns also comes high risk. Some of the people you will lend to won’t return your money, or you might have to chase them in order to make sure they pay you back. That’s why it’s important to choose your lending projects wisely.

9 - | Gambling |

When talking about gambling, I guess it does not need a lot of explanation. There are a lot of Bitcoin gambling websites out there that will gladly take your money for the chance of winning a bigger pot. Here’s just one example. The upside about gambling is that it doesn’t take any specific skill to start doing it; the downside is that it’s much more likely that you’ll lose all of your Bitcoins than actually win anything.

10 - | Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing |

The idea of an affiliate program is that you promote someone else’s product and they pay you in return for sales you bring in. For example, you can join bitcoinprofit.net's Affiliate Program, it won't cost you anything, you just need to share your personal affiliate link to your friends, post it on forums or social networks, and if someone decides to join and try our investment service via your link, you will get a commission for it.


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