Ƀ/BTC Value & Face Value

Bitcoin price varies each day. It worthed nothing when it was introduced to the public in 2009, but it worthed even more than gold at the beginning of 2017.

  • 2009 1 Ƀ = 0.0001 USD
  • 2010 1 Ƀ = 0.07 USD
  • 2011 1 Ƀ = 15 USD
  • 2012 1 Ƀ = 7 USD
  • 2013 1 Ƀ = 100 USD
  • 2014 1 Ƀ = 600 USD
  • 2015 1 Ƀ = 220 USD
  • 2016 1 Ƀ = 1100 USD
  • 2017 1 Ƀ = 1280 USD

  • But the BTC value of the coins in your wallet never change. To be more specific, the BTC in your wallet, 1 Ƀ is always 1 Ƀ, it will never become 1.1 Ƀ or 2 Ƀ, in other words, the bitcoins in your wallet will never grow or increase; because wallet is just a wallet, it's not a bank, it won't give or generate any interest. On the contrary, your BTC will be decreasing when you move your coins from one address/wallet to another because you have to pay miner fees.

    Growing your BTC

    How can we grow your bitcoin?
    There is only one simple formula here - you deposit your bitcoin to our company and we pay you variable daily profits just like you handle your fiat currency in a real bank, you can withdraw your interests and your original deposit at any time.

    We are not here to make you a billionare, and we cannot double your bitcoins overnight, but we can be of big help in growing/increasing your weath, we can help you growing your bitcoins day by day in a most trusted and secured way. For example, we can help you to make 1 Ƀ become 2 Ƀ, 2 Ƀ become 3 Ƀ, 3 Ƀ become 4 Ƀ ... 10 Ƀ become 20 Ƀ ... 1000 Ƀ become 1500 Ƀ etc., ... it may most probably make 0.1 Ƀ become 10 Ƀ or even more as time goes by as long as you keep investing with us.

    Our interest rate is 0.72% to 1.44% per day, we know this paying rate is not high comparing to some other competitors; we promise only what we can deliver, because we know this is the most stable and steady rate to keep us staying for dozen years in this business.


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