How to be an agent and benefit from the Affiliate program?

You will earn 10% referral commission from each deposit made by the person you referred.
It's free to participate in our affiliate program! Don't miss the great chance to earn extra incomes.

All investors can be an agent of and get benefit from the Affiliate program.
We will cover all available ways on how to spread an agent/affiliate link and get quality referrals.

Each investor has a unique agent/affiliate link on, your unique agent link is:

1. Using your own website(including blog)

2. Using YouTube

3. Using social networks

4. Commenting on relevant websites/blogs

You can comment on relevant websites and blogs. The more natural your comment looks, the higher the chance that the moderator approves it. On the contrary, unthoughtful commenting with mentioning your partner link will unlikely yield any result and, at the same time, such comments will likely be removed.

5. Discussing on forums

6. Using Q&A resources

This involves searching for relevant questions and answering them with mentioning your partner link. Important note: we recommend using a link shortening service

To conclude, it is important that all activities on advertising our service look natural. Affiliate information must be relevant for the ad to help us find users that are interested in our investment service. Spam, ie mass publishing of the content on various resources on the internet that are outside of our core business, and continuously persistent advertisement are strictly prohibited.

All other forbidden ways of agent/affilate link advertisement can be found at terms and conditions and anti spam pages.

Thanks for using our investment services and looking forward to a fruitful collaboration!









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