Two Years Celebration, Biennial Rewards

Sep-19-2018 02:00:53 PM

Hello fellow members!

It's a great day, isn't it!
It's been 2 years since September 19th 2016.
We've made great achievements in helping our members growing their bitcoins.

To celebrate our 2 years anniversary, all members have 3 chances to get 100% full amount additional reward of their investments.
What is a full amount additional reward? In a word, the amount you invest is the amount of reward you will get. For example, you invest 0.1 Ƀ, you will get 0.1 Ƀ reward, you invest 1 Ƀ, you will get 1 Ƀ reward, you invest 10 Ƀ, you'll get 10 Ƀ rewards ... etc.

The reward is not a one time credit(payment), it is credited to your account balance 1% daily for 100 days. For example, you invest 1 Ƀ to our 2% daily plan, besides 0.02 Ƀ daily, you get additional 0.01 Ƀ each day for 100 days.

Celebration reward starts right after this post is made and will last for two weeks, it'll be ended on October 3rd 2018. Only the fresh deposits made after this post are counted as qualification for rewards.

Each member get only 3 chances to gain the rewards, if you make more than three deposits during this period, only your first three deposits are rewarded.

Rewards are credited to your account 6 hours after your deposit is confirmed. You can find your reward details on your "Deposit List" page.

Happy earning!

Kindest Regards,

We suggest you use changing BTC address for your privacy

Sep-7-2018 12:38:40 PM


Many old members have done a good job in protecting themselves. But we noticed that there are some new members always using a same bitcoin address for all his/her payments. We suggest you use a fresh btc address for each single payment for your privacy. You can simply change your address on your member's area before making a new request, you will need to enter a random confirmation code which is sent to you via email when you are trying to change your address. Kindly be reminded that you must keep your login detail and your email inbox safe, the one who has access to your inbox has the chance to change your address.

Support Dept.

Wrong TX id on a few members' payments

Aug-10-2018 04:08:26 PM

This post is specifically to 7 members below:
investspot, Manu, Daimazoku, 1949lore, Peppino55, Mchc25, Systemx, andrey1109, ng000496

Due to a minute of disconnection on our local network, your pending payments were processed successfully, but the TX id you received on your email is incorrect, please find the correct TX id for your payment on this link (kindly keep in mind that they will be covered by new payments on next Tuesday), or you may also find it from your member's area and it's on your "Withdrawal History" (it's there never be covered).

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Kindest regards,
Support Dept.

Blackmailers are still trying to extort us

Jun-28-2018 12:56:05 PM

In the past few weeks, the blackmailers are still trying to threaten us to pay them 20 to 30 BTC, or they will spread negative comments and reviews regarding on social medias such Facebook and Twitter .....

Fellow investors, has been online for over 23 months now, we pay our members twice a week and never miss any payment. All clients are happy with our investment services. We will not pay the blackmailers a single cent, please help us to fight against the blackmailers.

Support Dept.

Regarding payment processing ...

Apr-18-2018 01:09:28 PM

Some members wrote to us asking why his/her payment transaction took so long to get a confirmation, while other members' got nearly instant confirmations .....

You know that we do not charge any fees for withdrawals, but the bitcoin network takes miner fees for each transaction. We pay the miner fees for each withdrawal. We pay higher fees for bigger amount transactions, lower fees for small amount ones. That is why some members get fast (as fast as instant) confirmations on their payment (because their amount is bigger), while others may take hours to get a confirmation (their amount is very small).

If you would like your payment to get faster confirmations, we suggest you can accumulate your earnings to a bigger amount and then make a withdrawal. (This would slightly ease our financial department's work load as well.)

Thanks for your understanding.

Support Dept.

Bitcoin Price Back Above $10,000

Feb-15-2018 12:05:00 PM

The price of Bitcoin appears to be recovering well from the dramatic fall it experienced at the end of last year. The cost to buy a single unit of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency reached a two week high on Thursday, topping out at just above the $10,000 point. The second time passing, the five-digit psychological barrier seemed to offer little resistance as the price barely paused between $9,000 and the two week high.

The recent price surge seems largely driven by various news events clearing the fear and uncertainty surrounding the space of late. So far in 2018, doubt was cast over the market thanks to South Korea’s musing over a cryptocurrency ban. The government there had mentioned the possibility of them taking such a harsh step but have since stated that there is no intention to eradicate the crypto-craze that’s been sweeping the nation for some time. One report suggests that instead of the government there are others seeking to license cryptocurrency exchanges. This would serve to further legitimise the industry, as well as making the environment safer for investors.

Elsewhere, the latest round of SEC Senate hearings about Bitcoin is doing their fair share to dispel the doubt about cryptocurrencies that’s been creeping in since late December. During the hearing, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Christopher Giancarlo, said:

“We owe it to this new generation to respect their enthusiasm for virtual currencies, with a thoughtful and balanced response, and not a dismissive one.”

What’s good news for Bitcoin is usually good news for the entire space. This was highlighted by similar gains across all major cryptocurrencies. Many within the top 20 by market cap have seen price leaps between two and 25 percent in the last 24 hours. This is according to industry price website Coinmarketcap.

Meanwhile, Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors believes that the price per BTC should exceed the previous all-time high by July of this year. The longtime Bitcoin advocate noted in a report earlier today that during “bull” periods of upward trends, Bitcoin recoveries take 1.7 times the amount of time the initial decline lasted for. For Lee, this “implies that 85 days are needed to recover prior highs — this is July 2018.” His end of 2018 price call remains $25,000.

Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst of eToro, spoke to CNBC via phone interview about the recent breakout of prices:

“FOMO (fear of missing out) is back in the markets… Crypto investors have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a rally. Yesterday it was Litecoin which had a clean break out from its resistance levels and investors jumped on and are still riding it today… There’s been a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) over the past few weeks. The FUD is fading now.”

The second investment portfolio is open

Jan-6-2018 08:38:39 AM
Happy 2018! My fellow investors!

I hope you've enjoyed an amazing holidays!

We are now back from holiday and everything is back to normal. The 2nd investment plan - "0.72~1.44% daily on your deposit" is now open as scheduled. By investing to this portfolio, you can earn variable from 0.72% to 1.44% profit each day on weekdays, 0.51% on weekends and 0.24% on public holidays.

This plan works like your flexible/current deposits in the physical banks, and it's even much better than your physical bank's deposits. Let's see what is amazing - we pay interests/earnings to your account balance hour by hour. You can either reinvest your earnings from your available balance to increase your daily profits, or you can withdraw it to your bitcoin wallet.

The minimum deposit for this plan is lowered to 0.005 BTC and the minimum withdrawal is still 0.0005 BTC, there is no fee for deposit and withdrawal. You can make as many as 100 deposits if you want, but the maximum amount of total deposits is limited to 1,000 BTC; you will not be able to make any more deposit once you have 100 active deposits or your total deposit amount reaches 1,000 BTC.

You can release, in other words, cancel your investment contract (as low as 5% operation fees) and withdraw your principals(your initial deposits) at any time (except holidays) as you wish.

Enjoy the new plan and happy earning!

Kindest Regards,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!

Dec-24-2017 01:40:16 PM

What a great day, isn't it! We wish you all have an amazing Christmas and hope you are ready to ring in the New Year. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and our services. We'll be on holidays from Dec 24 to Jan 5. Thank you for being a customer at We look forward to continuing serving you in 2018. This New Year, we wish you abundance and joyous moments for it has been enriching for us to have had you as our valued client. We wish you a happiness, prosperity and abundant good health in the year of 2018.

Scheduled server maintenance

Nov-8-2017 03:33:55 PM

Kindly be posted that there will be a scheduled regular server maintenance on August 28.
Our website will be down for 3 hours, from 13:00PM to 16:00PM.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

IT Dept.

Regarding the 2nd & the 3rd Plans

Oct-9-2017 04:56:48 PM
Greeting my fellow investors!

We received dozens of emails consulting our second and third investment plans in the last two months.
We aware that some members just can't wait to invest to these two plans as they are more attractive, aren't they? :)

Yes, the 2nd plan (which offers 0.72~1.44% daily) has advantage on the contract (can be canceled at any time) terms/period, and the 3rd plan (offering 5% daily profit for 30 days) tends to be higher rates in return and it is more profitable.

But as scheduled, they are not gonna open recently. As per our schedule, the 2nd plan will be open on January 2018, and the 3rd plan will be open on late 2019 or early 2020.

Kindly be noted that any email with such concern won't be replied after this blog post.

Have a great day!

Kindest Regards,

Launching of Representative Program

Aug-19-2017 12:29:07 PM
Hello fellow members!

To award those who are serious in investing and promoting our investment opportunity, we've decided to launch a Representative Program.

Kindly be noted that as a representative, you must be responsive to the consulting message you receive. If you are reported as non-responsive for more than 3 times, you will be removed from the Regional Representatives List and will not be entitled as again.

Support Dept.

The Limited One Time Membership Bonus

Jul-1-2017 05:34:47 PM
Hello fellow members!

Many members who missed the "Celebration of reaching 10,000 Members" rewards strongly request us to open it again. So we've decided to launch a limited One Time Membership Bonus Plan to all the members who missed the chance in 10,000 members celebration, that is 150% profit after 20 days.

This is a bonus plan for the members who missed the chance in the celebration rewards, each qualified member is entitled to claim the bonus once only. The allowed amount is fixed between 0.005 BTC to 0.111 BTC, you will earn 50% net profit in 20 days, total 150% ROI.

Be kindly reminded that each member can claim the bonus once only and the plan is valid for a week and it will be closed in 7 days after this post made.

Support Dept.

Special rewards to the top agents in May

Jun-6-2017 05:58:13 PM
Hello fellow members!

As announced in May 4th, the special rewards for May are still 0.5 BTC for the top 1st agent, 0.25 BTC for the top 2nd agent and 0.1 BTC for the top 3rd agent.

The top 3 agents in May are (username):

1st: "mbtc" - 301 referrals (242 active) ----- 0.5 BTC rewarded
2nd: "coinbitte" - 238 referrals (182 active) ----- 0.2 BTC rewarded
3rd: "richman" - 168 referrals (103 active) ----- 0.1 BTC rewarded

The rewarded BTC amount has been sent directly to the top agents account balance, you can either withdraw or re-invest to enjoy further profit.

The next campaign for such special rewards will be available when we reach 3000 members.

Thanks for investing with us, Enjoy your profit.

Support Dept.

Server Migration

May-26-2017 07:25:52 PM
Good day fellow investors!

Kindly be informed that our website will be down for a while as we are migrating our server.
We are moving to a most powerful DDoS protected dedicated server.
If you cannot access our site during this period, please try to visit back in a few hours.

Sorry for this inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Support Dept.

Blackmailers are threatening

May-16-2017 01:23:38 PM

Be kindly informed that some blackmailers are threatening us to pay them 1 to 10 BTC, or they will spread negative comments and reviews about our website to the public (online forums and investment review sites). has been online for over 8 months already, we never miss a single payment to our members. All members are happy with our investment services so far. We will not compromise to the evil forces, please help us to fight with the blackmailers.

Support Dept.

Celebration of reaching 10,000 Members

May-10-2017 02:31:25 PM
Good day, fellow members and visitors!

As we are hitting 10,000 members soon (currently 9781), we decided to launch a special deposit rewards as celebration of reaching 10,000 members as per requests from our investors, you will get extra 10% deposit bonus from the deposits made after this blog post.

For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, you will get 0.1 BTC reward to your account balance, if you deposit 0.5 BTC, you'll 0.05 BTC; you can either withdraw this reward or re-invest it to enjoy further profits.

Each member get only ONe chance to gain this reward, for example, if you make more than 1 deposits, only your first deposit will get 10% rewards, other ones won't be rewarded.

The deposit rewards celebration will be stopped immediately once we reach 10,000 members.
Don't miss this limited chances to get extra 10% from your deposit.

Thanks for investing with us, happy earning.

Support Dept.

Special rewards to the top agents in April

May-4-2017 06:35:41 PM
Hello fellow members!

Currently we have 8733 members already, we will be hitting 10,000 members in the next week or two. So we've decided to give the top 3 agents who contributed most in April some special rewards. The special rewards are, 0.5 BTC for the top 1st agent, 0.25 BTC for the top 2nd agent and 0.1 BTC for the top 3rd agent. The rewarded BTC amount has been sent directly to the top agents account balance, they can either withdraw or re-invest to enjoy further profit.

The top 3 agents in April are (username):

1st: "mbtc" - 255 referrals (189 active) ----- 0.5 BTC rewarded
2nd: "investspot" - 166 referrals (123 active) ----- 0.25 BTC rewarded
3rd: "kvlYYew" - 138 referrals (98 active) ----- 0.1 BTC rewarded

And a special thanks to the members "btcmillionaire", "aarisachantal", "andyriche", "coinbitte", "1001btc" and "tweejob", you guys just a step away from the top 3, thanks a million for the great job you guys do as an agent.

As we will get our 10,000th member in the next few days, so there will be still special rewards for the top 3 agents in May. Don't miss the chance to gain these BTC rewards.

Thanks for investing with us, Enjoy your profit.

Support Dept.

Easter Holidays

Apr-14-2017 01:01:29 AM
Dear members and investors,

Please be noted that we are off for Easter Public Holidays on Friday 14th April, 2017 to Monday 17th April, 2017, the earning rate will be in the holidays mode as well, any issues or supports submitted during this period will be resolved on 18th April, 2017.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We wish you and your family a most happy and blessed Easter.

Best Regards,
Support Dept.

Global Supply Chains Are About to Get Better, Thanks to Blockchain

Mar-17-2017 12:28:04 PM

When an E.coli outbreak at Chipotle Mexican Grill outlets left 55 customers ill, in 2015, the news stories, shutdowns, and investigations shattered the restaurant chain’s reputation. Sales plummeted, and Chipotle’s share price dropped 42%, to a three-year low, where it has languished ever since.

At the heart of the Denver-based company’s crisis was the ever-present problem faced by companies that depend on multiple suppliers to deliver parts and ingredients: a lack of transparency and accountability across complex supply chains. Unable to monitor its suppliers in real time, Chipotle could neither prevent the contamination nor contain it in a targeted way after it was discovered.

Now, a slew of startups and corporations are exploring a radical solution to this problem: using a blockchain to transfer title and record permissions and activity logs so as to track the flow of goods and services between businesses and across borders.

With blockchain technology, the core system that underpins bitcoin, computers of separately owned entities follow a cryptographic protocol to constantly validate updates to a commonly shared ledger. A fundamental advantage of this distributed system, where no single company has control, is that it resolves problems of disclosure and accountability between individuals and institutions whose interests aren’t necessarily aligned. Mutually important data can be updated in real time, removing the need for laborious, error-prone reconciliation with each other’s internal records. It gives each member of the network far greater and timelier visibility of the total activity.

In a nutshell, this is a global system for mediating trust and selective transparency. Its advocates say it will take the internet’s empowering potential to its next level. Although much attention and money has been spent on financial applications of the technology, an equally promising test case lies with global supply chain relationships, whose complexity and diversity of interests pose exactly the kinds of challenges this technology seeks to address. The technology can reveal hitherto hidden information and allows users to attach digital tokens — a unique, negotiable form of digital asset, modeled on bitcoin — to intermediate goods as they progress along the production, shipping, and delivery phases of a supply chain and as title to them passes between different players. This could give businesses far greater flexibility to find markets and price risk, by capturing the value that they have invested in the process at any point along the chain. What we end up with are dynamic demand chains in place of rigid supply chains, resulting in more efficient resource use for all.

Various endeavors have already started. Provenance, a UK-based startup, tells prospective clients they can use its blockchain-based technology to “share your product’s journey and your business impact on environment and society.” Walmart is working with IBM and Tsinghua University, in Beijing, to follow the movement of pork in China with a blockchain. Mining giant BHP Billiton is using the technology to track mineral analysis done by outside vendors. The startup Everledger has uploaded unique identifying data on a million individual diamonds to a blockchain ledger system to build quality assurances and help jewelers comply with regulations barring “blood diamond” products.

Advances in chip and sensor technology, which can translate data from the automated movement of physical goods, should greatly enhance these emerging blockchain systems. It could be especially powerful when combined with “smart contracts,” in which contractual rights and obligations, including the terms for payment and delivery of goods and services, can be automatically executed by an autonomous system that’s trusted by all signatories.

But this technology’s potential traceability and automation benefits don’t just pertain to things; it could also keep human beings in check. Staff and supervisors from different vendors can be granted special, cryptographic permissions, which, when placed into a blockchain environment, would appear as unique, traceable identifiers — preferably encrypted, to protect the employee’s personal information. This would allow all members of a supply chain community to monitor the activity of each other’s credentialed staff. Chipotle, for example, could see in real time whether a properly credentialed person in a facility owned by one of its beef suppliers is carrying out appropriate sterilization and disinfection procedures.

This kind of provable, transparent credentialing will be especially important for additive manufacturing, which is central to the dynamic, on-demand production model of the so-called Industry 4.0 movement. A team from precision parts manufacturer Moog Inc. has launched a service it calls Veripart, which seeks to overcome a challenge that the director of its additive manufacturing and innovation unit, James Regenor, described to us in these terms: “How can the maintenance crew on a U.S. aircraft carrier have absolute confidence that the software file they downloaded to 3D print a new part for a fighter jet hasn’t been hacked by a foreign adversary?” This underscores one of the most compelling arguments for blockchain technology: Without its solution to the trust problem, the sophisticated, decentralized, internet of things–driven economy that many are projecting might well be impossible.

These potential efficiency improvements, enabled by hitherto unavailable information, suggest blockchain technology could deliver vast savings for companies everywhere. But there are formidable obstacles to overcome first.

One challenge lies in the development and governance of the technology. Ideally, to encourage free access, competition, and open innovation, global supply chains would have the option to anchor to a public blockchain that no entity controls. In other words, data extracted from commercial and production activity would be cryptographically recorded in open ledgers. But, inevitably, private, closed ledgers run by a consortium of companies will also arise, as their members seek to protect market share and profits. Both imperatives pose challenges. For one, achieving global economic capacity for the most significant public blockchains, digital-currency service bitcoin and smart contract platform Ethereum, is constrained by divisions in their open-source communities, making it difficult to agree on protocol upgrades. Second, there needs to be interoperability across private and public blockchains, which will require standards and agreements.

Another big obstacle: the law. A complex array of regulations, maritime law, and commercial codes governs rights of ownership and possession along the world’s shipping routes and their multiple jurisdictions. Marrying that old-world body of law, and the human-led institutions that manage it, with the digitally defined, dematerialized, automated and denationalized nature of blockchains and smart contracts will be difficult.

Even before governments can be convinced to support this effort, and to do so in a globally coordinated way, industry must agree on best practices and standards of technology and contract structure across international borders and jurisdictions. In Hong Kong, the recently formed Belt and Road blockchain consortium seeks to bring order to this process by adopting internet governance approaches pioneered and tested by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that manages domain names. As an international, private sector–led body, ICANN has already proven itself to be an effective global administrator and adjudicator.

These challenges must be weighed against the demands of a global economy that hasn’t properly recovered from the financial crisis of 2008 and is fueling disintegrating, isolationist forces in the U.S. and Europe. Any system that promises to counter those trends by removing the intercommercial frictions that curb trade while also enhancing transparency and control for businesses and their customers is inherently worth exploring. It’s why an increasing number of investors, businesses, academics, and even governments are starting to view blockchain technology as a much-needed platform for economic renewal.

This article is originally posted by Michael J. Casey on

Bitcoin Hits $1,280, More to Come?

Mar-6-2017 12:44:19 PM

We’re starting off this week with the price of Bitcoin near the US$1,280 mark as seller pressure has lead to
some corrections of the rising trend that began last week.  As the weekend approaches, Bitcoins are expected to stay strong in the face of the ETF approval this Saturday. However, like always, there will be traders looking to profit on this major price boost, so don’t expect a smooth week, after all.

Other news that this week also brought was those of a darkweb seller who is reportedly looking to trade over 1 million accounts from Gmail and Yahoo for a price of less than 1 Bitcoin. The cyber criminal, believed to be hiding under the username “SunTzu583”, is trading accounts from several data breaches, including ones from as early as 2008.

According to IBT, among the accounts batch are usernames, e-mails, and passwords from the MySpace (2008), Last.FM (2012), Adobe (2013), Bitcoin Security Forum (2014) and Dropbox hacks, among other cases. The breached accounts are most probably going to be bought by any groups or individuals looking to use them for identity thefts, ransoms, etc.

Bears Look for Profits

During the weekend, the price of Bitcoin struggled to form support at the $1,280 level as both sellers and buyers swooped the market. After reaching a new milestone on Friday, there have been several price swings that allowed the price to move from its weekend high point of $1,277.68 to as low as $1245.21, after which it recovered to the current levels.

The price drops coincided with a loss in interest, as the trading volume went down by two thirds to the current $130,236,000. However, there has been a small uptick since last night, so if it goes high again, there will be more room for faster price changes. On the other hand, the market cap sits at $20.6 billion.

Our technical analysis shows that the long-term trends are heavily pro-buy, which is great news for those who want to see the price growing. However, short-term signals are also showing that 5 out of 12 oscillators and 5 out 12 averages are in the sell zone, indicating a formation of seller pressure.

Thus, the overall signal is that the price is headed for a slow growth, as long as sellers don’t keep pressuring the market.  If they do, we will see a test of the $1,260 range. So, keep your eyes on the market and don’t be surprised by more price swings.

Bitcoin or Gold?

During the past week there has been plenty of talk whether Bitcoin has become a better alternative to gold in the eyes of investors. One interesting comparison comes from Forbes, who report that Bitcoin Investment Trust Shares have grown almost three times during 2016, or over 30% in the past quarter alone, while Gold Shares (SPDR) have dropped down by 3.78% in the year, and 4.49% in the last quarter.

The positive and impressive rise coincides with the increasing mistrust in fiat currencies which has subsequently resulted in people turning to Bitcoin. In the past year, there have been several instances where problems with traditional currencies have caused an uptick in Bitcoin trading, the most notable being the demonization in India and Venezuela where Bitcoins are rapidly gaining popularity.

This, combined with the practicality of Bitcoin and its limited supply, is perhaps the only logical explanation why Bitcoin has grown so fast and so big in the past 6 months alone. However, being the complex digital currency that it is, it is likely that most of its appeal lies among the Millennial generation, rather than older investors.

This article is originally posted by on

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